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Where Do You Waste Your Energy?

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Do you sometimes find yourself drained at the end of the day, or worn out by the daily grind of your work, or do you suffer periods of exhaustion and burnout?  

Life is not supposed to feel like this regularly.

In our last email to you, we brought you a concept we call a Time Audit. It’s one of the skills we teach in our #MpwrU program and it’s a part of building a life of fulfillment and success. Knowing where and how you spend your time is an essential point of embarkation in crafting your best life.

But just understanding how you spend your time becomes way more powerful when you marry it with an Energy Audit.

By linking to an Energy Audit (what is energy in and what is energy out for you?), you can begin to see where you are not only wasting time but dedicating time to things that are simply draining you.

To do an Energy Audit, try sitting down and just listing all the things that bring you energy (uplift you, make you feel physically or mentally more awake and aware), and then list all the things that suck the energy out of you (bring you down, or fatigue you).  In both cases, these can be environments, types of work, people you encounter, types of food, or conversations, anything you experience that gives you energy or takes energy away from you.

Now, if you align this with your “Time Audit” you begin to see how much of your time spent is spent doing things that bring you energy versus time spent taking energy away.

To begin crafting your life, you most definitely want to begin to challenge this scale and bring much more attention and focus to energy-in endeavors, versus energy-out. 

By just doing this, you’ll begin the process of understanding how life needs to change so you can begin to live your best life.

Want to know more about how to put all these skills together and living your best life? 

We’re doing a powerful workshop on Empowering Your Best Life on January 28th at 7:00 pm EST, if you want to join us, just register for the session below and we’ll be pleased to welcome you.

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