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What professionals say about Neuro-Reconditioning….

“Rarely do you meet helpful and sincere people who truly want the best for you in all aspects of life? Scott and Jamie are the exceptions. They are unique, genuine, and thoughtful, and two of the best people I have met in over 25 years in this industry. I cannot recommend the Reconditioning Program enough, but even more than that, I can’t recommend Scott and Jamie enough. You will learn a thought process, a training program, and evaluation tools and benefit from decades of experience from the Reconditioning Program. But more importantly, you will gain two trusted confidants and resources to use as a sounding board with an unparalleled track record of success to assist you in helping clients and athletes. I strongly value their program and relationship and would suggest it for everyone.”

Steve Saunders – Director of Performance – Baltimore Ravens

“I have taken R1 Foundations and R2 Designs, and the Reconditioning Mentorship that has contributed heavily to my approach. For dual practitioners who are capable of crossing between manual therapy, reconditioning, and Strength and Conditioning worlds, I truly feel that the reconditioning role is critical in the future of the human performance field. The courses Scott and Jaime have created are world-class if I compare them to the various thought leaders across the therapy and S&C disciplines. Scott and Jaime eloquently identify and share critical parameters of consideration in building a robust body capable of withstanding almost anything, and the proof lies in what they have accomplished with numerous pros, Olympic gold medalists, successful athlete rebuild projects, and much more. These courses help one identify foundational skills necessary to build movement competency from the lowest threshold exercises in early reconditioning to the highest threshold exercises vital to elite athletic performance. I strongly recommend this course to serious professionals looking to expand their ability to connect the dots between on-the-table considerations and dynamic movement requirement demands of their client.”

Pat Magee, Osteopath and S+C Coach – Golden State Warriors

“It has been revolutionary, to say the least, from the mindfulness component to the methodological approach of movement assessment, it has instilled a new fire and appreciation for what I do daily but with a new twist now. Thank you sincerely from my heart.”

Pascual Guerrero – AT and Pht – Philadelphia 76ers

“I have taken R1 Foundations and R2 Designs with Scott and Jaime, as well as their mentorship. Scott and Jaime’s openness and honesty when sharing their vast experience and expertise with a variety of athletes is what sets these courses apart. Their perspective on reconditioning athletes is simple and complex. No matter how much, or how little, experience you have in this field, you will gain an invaluable amount of knowledge from these courses. I sincerely recommend these courses, or any course that Scott and Jaime teach, to anyone in the healthcare field.”

Jon Geller – AT and Reconditioning Practitioner – Montreal Canadiens

“You could charge more for this course (R2 Designs), but I am glad that I didn’t have to pay more! Really helpful to break down big problems or goals of an athlete (or big pain in someone) into bite-sized digestible pieces!”

Carla Robbins – MKin, CSEP-CEP – Private Practice

“Being able to understand how to apply the information from assessment to movement. Reconditioning had been a weak point in my practice, but after completing R1 Foundations, I feel better prepared to bridge that gap and confidently apply the techniques to my athletes. R2 Designs completely changed my involvement with exercises and rehab. It gave me confidence in rehab and reconditioning, especially exercise prescription. It has also blurred the lines between rehab and S&C and how my exercises can become part of the daily plan integrated into the S&C approach.”

Courtney Brown – Chiropractor – Brooklyn Nets

“When I heard that Scott and his wife Jaime had just created a course that would talk about Reconditioning, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to learn more about their practice and their philosophy. As a physical therapist, I was used to putting so much attention on the injured area, focusing a lot on what happened and how it happened. However, I always thought that the hardest question to answer was «WHY» an injury happened? Scott and Jaime’s course is all about the «WHY». They will guide you through a mental process that will help you to figure out the «WHY» of an injury and then give you the tools necessary (a progression of exercises) to fix the cause(s) of the problem. Their philosophy has opened my eyes to put more focus on fundamental movement patterns instead of just focusing on specific movements or areas where the pain is felt.”

Jonathan Pelletier Ouellet – Physiotherapist  – Strength and Conditioning Coach – Freestyle Canada

“After taking Scott and Jaime’s Reconditioning course, it was reaffirmed to me that there is a definite “WHY” that certain exercises are prescribed.  Using motion capture from videos really gets the point across even more!  Whether dealing with the highest level of athleticism or the average weekend warrior, the corrective nature of the exercises applies to both, as they are both moving machines!  The course was clear and to the point and the best part was that there was a deep component of hands-on and self-practice which is what I look for when learning.  I Highly recommend this course and the subsequent workshops!” 

Peter Levidis – Athletic Therapist and S+C Specialist – Private Practice

What our clients have to say about the power of the Reconditioning practice…….

“Scotty and Jaime took me from a point where I was unable to train due to back pain and shin splints, through an amazing journey of rebuilding, until I was pain-free, and then set me on a course that prepared me for the rigors of each season. I took a year off after the 2006 Olympics to Recondition. Once I was healed. I continued to train with Scott and Jaime throughout my entire career. I completed my career as World Cup champion five times, World Champion in Singles and Duals, and Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist!”

Jennifer Heil – Moguls Skier – Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist

“After seeing what Jaime did with me, I believe she can fix any injury. After struggling with patellar tendonitis for more than 5 years, she gave me a new body. It’s more than an amazing road we took together. She rebuilt me from scratch: I was struggling to walk when I went to see her and she made me not only pain-free, but she gave me more. She helped me play for another five years without pain and at a higher level of performance.”

Fred Niemeyer – Professional Tennis Player

“I met Scotty the year I was drafted and started working with him right away. I never looked back. I trained with Scotty for my entire career (13 years pro) and I only missed a few games due to an MCL injury for my entire career. I owe my consistency and reliability to his training approach. I always felt fully prepared for the season, and I got better every year I played.”

Max Lapierre – NHL Forward

“I began training with Scotty and Jaime when I came on the international scene at 17 years old. There’s no doubt in my mind that my quick progression to the top ranks of my sport was due much in part to the great work done with him off-snow. I know that being ready and in great shape before I hit the slopes made me confident going into every event. Being an Olympic champion isn’t only about being a good skier but also being a great athlete overall, thanks to Scotty for keeping me away from major injuries and helping me be the best athlete I could be throughout my career!”

Alex Bilodeau – Mogul Skier – 2 Time Back to Back Olympic Gold Medalist

“I met Jaime several years ago when I was coming back from a full ACL reconstruction. At the time, I could not even straighten my knee and many people said I would never come back to the national team or be the basketball player I once was. She took one look at me and said we would get you back there and to the London Olympics. Her drive, knowledge, and competitiveness are contagious with athletes, and she just makes you want to get better every single day. She has helped me to move better, with more speed and strength, and become a much better player than I was before getting hurt. Thanks to Jaime, I was able to make the Olympics and continue to have a great pro career.”

Lizanne Murphy – Canadian National Team Basketball Player

“Working with Jaime and Scotty to optimize our performance – in every way – was an empowering, refreshing experience.  I had lived in considerable pain for 8 years, had 2 surgeries, and had resigned myself to fighting through the aching, numbing, grueling discomfort.  And yet, through some careful analysis and strategic planning on their part, I felt hopeful!  Their confidence in helping me re-think ways of moving, combined with their innovative and thoughtful way of approaching reconditioning, meant that my chronic injury was not going to be the defining part of my career. 

 The methodical process of change was driven from a holistic perspective, requiring a mindset shift.  This was powerful and meant that sustained change – and therefore sustained high performance – was possible on a deeper level.  I felt set up for success with early wins, genuine support, and tactical, implementable strategies … but I also felt equipped and encouraged to make the journey my own.  The selflessness shown by both Jaime and Scotty was incredible and rare, bolstering my own self-awareness and desire for greatness by unleashing a kind of autonomy I had not previously been offered as an athlete. 

 Much of our confidence on Olympic ice came from knowing we were prepared.  But the ace up our sleeves was knowing we had the best team in the world.”

Tessa Virtue + Scott Moir – 2-Time Gold Medalist and Silver Medalist – Multiple World Championships (Worked return from retirement and injury to final Olympic Gold Medal)

“I met Scotty following a second back surgery in 2010 while I was playing with the Edmonton Oilers. He was able to rebuild me and put me on my two feet in time for training camp. I continued to train with him until the end of my career. I knew that his programs were adapted to my needs and weaknesses. Scotty made me a better athlete over the years and this is why I believe I remained pretty much injury free through the rest of my career.”

JF Jacques – NHL Player

“I truly appreciate the work I did with Jaime during my career. She helped me be a better athlete and a better diver. It wasn’t always easy, but she always found a way to make me better and to keep me injury free.”

Jennifer Abel – Springboard Diver – Olympic Silver and Bronze Medalist

“I’ve been training with Scotty since the very beginning of my career.  Each year of my career I have seen improvement in my ability and performance.  I believe working with Scott has helped me avoid injuries and be a better professional.  We worked together through the first significant injury of my career in 2020 when I fractured my spine in a crash, I was able to return within eight weeks of the injury and win a gold medal at the World Championships.”

Mikael KingsburyMoguls Skier – Olympic Gold, 2 x Silver Medalist – 25 Crystal Globes and counting

“I began working with Scotty in the summer of 2011.  I had been suffering with back pain for more than five years that was affecting the quality of my skiing, and my quality of life.  Scott set out a plan, rebuild my body from the foundation up.  We were able to eliminate the back issues, and since that time, we trained through the rest of my career, through several knee injuries, an Olympic game, and winning the Gold medal in the 2017 World Championships in Super G, and the Silver Medal in Downhill at 36 years of age!”

Erik Guay – Winningest Canadian Alpine Skier in history – Oldest World Champion at 36 years of age

“I worked with Jaime through several complicated knee ACL rehabilitations, and she always brought a high-quality process and real professionalism to her work.  She helped me overcome big issues with my knee and got me back to competing at a high level.”

Julien Cousineau – Canadian National Team Alpine Skier – Slalom

“I was a member of the Canadian National Women’s Bobsleigh team for many years. For several years prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics, I had the privilege of working with both Scotty and Jaime on my pre-season training, Reconditioning, and injury management. They taught me so much and took me so much further in my training than I thought I could go. Not only was I a better athlete but I also learned how to train and move much more efficiently. It was a lot of hard work preparing for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 and with the help of Scott and Jaime I knew I was on the right track. Less pain, better testing numbers, a handful of world cup medals, and an Olympic Silver Medal to show for it!”

Helen Upperton – Bobsled Driver – Olympic Silver Medalist

“Scotty helped me become a more complete athlete, not just physically but mentally as well! He changed my views on training in general, that resulted in me becoming a better person every day. There was a lot to fix, but nothing seemed out of reach. He made me as fit and as ready to compete in the London Olympics as I possibly could have been!”

Alex Despatie – Diver – Olympic Silver Medalist (Worked return from injury to final Olympics)

“I began training with Scotty two years before the 2012 Olympic games and I had a back issue that was giving me problems off the mat and in the gym. Scott took me back to the basics and cleaned up the issues that were causing me back pain and then continued to build my training so I would be better prepared for my sport. I continued to progress in my judo-specific fitness and went into the London Olympics in great shape and won a bronze medal! I continued to train with Scotty through most of the rest of my career, through hip and back surgery, another Olympics, and several World Championship medals!”

Antoine Valois-Fortier – Judoka – Olympic Bronze Medalist

“Working with Jaime was such a learning experience, she helped me return from several challenging injuries throughout my career and into my first Olympic games in Sochi”

Kaya Turski – Slopestyle Skier – 5 Time X-Games Champion

Scotty’s contribution to my preparation was worth gold in the later years of my career, I learned a great deal from him, I only wish I had met him earlier in my life.”

Jessica Zelinka – Heptathlete – Olympic Finalist

“In the summer of 2019, I was stuck at home in Kingston, Ontario with very little hope for my career. I had been suffering from significant back issues since my draft year in 2017 and I hadn’t been able to overcome the issue with rehab.  I was lucky enough to be connected with Scotty, and he, along with Jay Ankersmit and John Zahab in Ottawa Reconditioning me through the fall of 2019. I got back to the Ontario Rain late that year and was eventually called up to the Kings in February of 2020.  I am forever grateful for what Scotty did for my career and for the Kings for connecting us.”

Gabriel Vilardi – NHL Forward – LA Kings

“Prior to the 2022 Paralympic games I was dealing with back pain that had stopped me from being able to ski and train for close to a year.  My chances for competing in the games were not very good. I was connected with Scotty to see if he could Recondition me in time to compete at the games.  It was a tight schedule, but I believed in what Scotty had me do, and put the work into being ready.  We made it happen, and I am forever grateful for my Silver Medal win in 2022!”

Mac Marcoux – Canadian National Para-Alpine Ski Team



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