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Module 1 - Intro/Review This 1.5 hour module is required watching for anyone who takes Reconditioning Level 1. This course covers all the fundamental principles and concepts that underpin the Reconditioning approach, as well as the Primary Assessment process. The intent is to prepare you to be ready to hit the ground running when you arrive on Day 1 of Reconditioning Level 1. 1hr 30 min


Module 2: Breakdown - Must Haves This demonstrative module takes you through all of the required elements of breaking down the movements performed in the Primary Assessment. There are certain breakdown tests that will be performed in every assessment process regardless of the findings in the Primary Assessment and we call these “Must Haves”. 52min


Module 3: Breakdowns Following the Primary Assessment, the outcomes of the assessment will drive further investigation in which the various movements in question will be broken down into component elements so that you gain a greater understanding of where limitations or dysfunction may be occurring. This demonstrative module takes you through this breakdown process. 1hr 10min


Module 4: Movement Demands This presentation describes how one must further examine the true nature of movement requirement and demand, and how such further investigation may drive dynamic and specific assessment strategies, and further demonstrates several pertinent dynamic tests as well as concepts for consideration of specific movement assessment. 1hr 12min


Module 5: Demo Assessment and Post Assessment This demonstrative module takes you through an entire assessment and then follows with how this assessment may further drive interventions and exercise selection. 1hr 11min


Module 6: Intention of Reconditioning This presentation describes the key concepts at play in Reconditioning, what the intention of Reconditioning programing is, and how these elements interconnect. 42min


Module 7: Staging, Centration and Dissociation This demonstrative module takes you through exercise interventions for re-establishing a point of fixation, what that means and what the key concepts are in setting the foundation for quality movement strategies. 1hr 19min


Module 8: Re-Establishing Mobility and Stability This demonstrative model takes you through the concepts of the 5R’s of exercise prescription, how to use varying methodologies in a very powerful package to create and retain change in movement quality. 2hr


Module 9: Physical Literacy Screen/Prep This demonstrative module walks you through all the movements contained in a Physical Literacy Screen or Preparation process. The important qualities are discussed so that the fulsome value of the movements is retained. 15min


Module 10: Stability Strength Continuum This demonstrative module walks you through the process for re-establishing movement quality and then building capacity in a progressive and thoughtful approach. 13min


Module 11: Re-Establishing Movement This Module brings all of the concepts together into a final presentation that connects the dots. 13min


Module 12: Building Programs/Case Study This presentation and case study takes you through the how and what of initial program creation and further examines these concepts within a case study process. 24min