Going Beyond the Foundations of Reconditioning

You’ve taken the first step to become a Reconditioning Specialist, amazing! This is a powerful journey you are on but Foundations is just the beginning of the journey.

After R1 we take all the information you learned in Foundations, and make it completely integrate into any performance environment in R2 – Designs. You take the principles to the next level and connect them to context, performance programming, and performance planning.

We give you all the information to make your process absolutely complete!

Normally we sell “Designs” for $750 USD if you buy it stand alone, and it flows exactly like “Foundations”:

  • 25+ hours of video content
  • Designs Zoom Labs
  • Course Manual
  • Course Certificate

If you purchase it today in what we call our “Flowing” package, you get both courses, all the content, and Zoom Labs and we give you access to one Single-Day Learning Lab for 50% off the regular price so that you can register to attend any time up to two years after your purchase!

Normally these Learning Labs sell for $300 USD but you’ll be able to attend for just $150 USD.

And to make sure you are really connected to the information and our community, we give you access to our Infinite Mastermind Community for one year FREE (normally costs $140 USD)

The price for all of this if you register today is just $1400 USD which includes:

  • Foundations
  • Designs
  • Live Single Day Learning Lab (50% OFF)
  • Reconditioning Infinite Mastery Community (1-year membership)