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If you are a professional working in human performance this curriculum is for you. A human performance professional is someone who has a current client base, creates plans and interventions for your clients to improve their movement potential. Examples would be manual therapists (AT, PhT, Chiro, Massage, etc.), strength and conditioning coaches, trainers, physiologists, and kinesiologists.

Not at all. If you are a professional that works with clients to improve their movement, Neuro Reconditioning is the system to help you do that efficiently and effectively. Our graduates work in all sorts of environments: gyms, schools, clinics, performance centres, in people’s homes, with teams, in small boutique spaces, in large multidisciplinary centres. And with many different groups: the armed forces, essential services, the general population, children, students, professionals, teams, fitness classes, weekend warriors, amateur and professional athletes.

The courses are constructed to layer on to each other and so the order is set for best understanding the breadth and depth of the process.

Yes. Our courses have CEUs available through the CATA for Athletic Therapists in Canada. Most other certifying bodies also recognize the hourly time allotment for CEUs as well, even without a specific CEU arrangement with ReconditioningHQ.com.
Immediately. The email and password with which you register is the same ones that you will use to access your account from the ReconditioningHQ.com site.

There is no prior commitment required to register for the Neuro Reconditioning R1-Foundations course. However once you have registered, you will gain immediate access to the video content in your account. These videos are expected to be viewed prior to attending the Internship Sessions.

There are 3 courses. R1-Foundations, R2-Designs, and the R3 CoLab each including their own virtual internship as a part of The Reconditioning Revolution mastermind community.

This is the 3 step course curriculum and community training required to learn to practice as a Neuro Reconditioning Professional. Comprehensive of the principles, theory, practice and supportive guidance to elevate your career to the next level.

For lifetime.
This is the 3 step course curriculum and virtual internship required to learn to practice as a Reconditioning Professional. Comprehensive of the principles, theory, practice and supportive guidance to elevate your career to the next level.
It depends on each professional. The process is designed to take between 10-12 months from start to finish. And, everyone is encouraged to complete all three courses within this amount of time. Being consistent in the material helps solidify the mastery of the concepts and application.
By purchasing the RPro Series package you first get to save money. Secondly, you get to flow seamlessly from one course to the next building upon the information that you learn at each stage solidifying your approach and confidence with the material. Plus you are holding yourself accountable to becoming the best professional you can and a valued asset in the industry.
For your lifetime.

After you digest the material, you just have to mark your video content complete, answer and pass the quizzes, fill out the post-course questionnaire, and you will receive a certificate of completion.

Yes. When there is interest in having us deliver the course experience in-person, we are open to making that happen. There are minimum requirements for space availability and participant attendance, as well as a mutually beneficial date. You can find out more about “hosting us” here.