The Reconditioning Founders

Scott and Jaime Livingston

We have a combined 50+ years of success coaching and reconditioning world-class athletes (20+ Olympic Medalists), mentoring fellow performance professionals, as well as collaborating and innovating with many of the best professionals in the world of human performance.

Our ultimate joy is seeing others succeed and thrive and we want to share this powerful method of practice with everyone.

Scott G Livingston

Scott is a master of Reconditioning, designer of human and organizational performance solutions, keynote speaker, podcast host, educator, and mentor, who has worked in the high-performance sports world for more than thirty years.

As a performance coach and therapist, he is known for his dedication to building more efficient, effective, and resilient athletes. Scott has trained and re-built athletes at every level and has personally trained multiple Olympic and World Cup medalists.

He worked for eleven seasons in the National Hockey league as an athletic therapist and strength and conditioning coach with the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and New York Islanders.

His newest passion is his podcast Leave Your Mark where he interviews people from all walks of human performance exploring their personal life stories.

He is a dedicated and loving son, husband, father, and friend, and his purpose is to inspire people, create change, and challenge convention through his own example and mentorship

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Jaime Livingston

Jaime is a master of Reconditioning and has been working in the field of human performance for more than twenty years. She is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner who merges her unique abilities in manual therapy and a myriad of effective exercise prescription strategies to eliminate injury issues and improve the overall robustness of her clients. She is also an educator and mentor and loves to see her students thrive!

Jaime has trained and re-built athletes at every level including professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and college athletes, as well as highly motivated recreational athletes. She maintains a robust personal clientele of executive athletes and is often called upon to solve difficult issues that clients have been otherwise unable to resolve.

She is a dedicated partner, friend, daughter, and mother and she loves to inspire people to places they never thought they could reach.