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Hockey Training

Return to performance and preparation using Neuro Reconditioning

(An Online Course)

Do you train, treat or work with hockey players at different levels and want to know how to better prepare them for success on the ice?

Do you want to understand the continuum of athlete development, when to implement the right types of training into your athlete’s programming?

Want to understand how to build a quality off-ice rehabilitation or preparation program for an athlete of competitive age, making sure they are ready for the challenges of hockey at any level or any position?

This Course Covers:

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Learning from 35+ Years of Practice

Scott Livingston is one of Canada’s leading-edge thinkers in human performance. He is both an Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach and is the co-Founder of the powerful practice of Neuro Reconditioning. In his 35 years of practice, he has trained university, professional and Olympic athletes. Scott served in the NHL for eleven seasons and worked as the Lead of Performance and Reconditioning for the Montreal Canadiens from 2001-2009. He has trained and reconditioned multiple Olympic and World Champions with a special affinity for work with Alpine and Freestyle skiers having trained and reconditioned the NY Islanders 1998-99, the NY Rangers 1999-2001, the Montreal Canadiens from 2001-2009, Andrei Markov, Gabe Vilardi, Maxim Lapierre, Kevin Poulin, as well as many others.

Scott understands the differences and the nuances of preparation that should be considered for each positional athlete and every stage of performance preparation. Scott will bring an understanding of what it takes to be prepared to succeed and be a resilient hockey athlete, his mission is to build more robust athletes who compete in the sport of hockey, and live quality lives post-career.

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