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Discover the Infinite Possibilities of Human Movement

Reconditioning integrates the worlds of Therapy and Performance
helping you create better outcomes for your clients

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Whether your goal is to expand your exercise repertoire, think more outside the box, elevate your ability to ask better questions, or enhance your understanding of movement, Reconditioning will help you find powerful insights and strategies that will help you achieve your client’s objectives.

To be clear, Reconditioning is not another skillset to be added to your toolbox. It is a whole new operating system that encourages a holistic approach redefining the way you will look at movement and the performance of your clients.

The vast majority of disciplines in human performance focus narrowly on specialized expertise and lack a systematic approach to collaborate and integrate with other professional practices that are equally powerful in human performance. This lack of a common language of practice and innovation impedes progress, efficiency, impact, and ultimately the performance of your clients.

Become a reconditioning specialist and discover the possibilities of human performance!

Scott Livingston and Jaime Livingston

We have a combined 50+ years of success coaching and rehabilitating world-class athletes (20+ Olympic Medalists), mentoring fellow performance professionals, as well as collaborating and innovating with many of the best professionals in the world of human performance.

Our ultimate joy is seeing others succeed and thrive and we want to share this powerful method of practice and our commitment to a thriving life with you, so you can have an amazing and fulfilling practice!

Reconditioning 5Rs

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