MpwrU Program

Are you disappointed because you are doing what you are supposed to and it still isn’t enough or not what you thought it would be? Are you lost, and burnt out doing a great job helping others but winding up too busy for yourself in the process? Do you feel alone and unsure about where to get advice, information, feedback, and support on what steps to take next and how to balance life and career?

You are not alone.

The statistics for professionals experiencing dissatisfaction and burnout
in human performance are disturbing.

The truth is many of us are challenged by these feelings because we don’t have an effective means to create the change we want.

Your success in life begins with the right mindset

…to make sure your time and efforts are suitably directed to produce the results and fulfillment you desire. Your success becomes sustainable through accountability, feedback, and reflection supported by people who have been there, know what you are dealing with, and are available to help.

The MpwrU program exists to help you get past this
frustration and disappointment and start living the life you want.

A life you design, craft, explore, and experience within a safe place of objective perspective and honesty, and NO judgment. Connecting, realizing, and reflecting with mentors and within a like-minded community.

It’s not about living the ‘Perfect Life’, it’s about living a better life.

Don’t just survive life. Learn to thrive.

Your Program Includes…

Your MpwrU Experience Gives You…

What they are saying about MpwrU

“Before Mpwru I lacked self-confidence and had negative stories that I told myself.
I joined because I wanted to be more confident and overall have a happier life.
I also recognize I was going down the path of burnout and now I am much more confident,
purpose-driven, and happier.”

Zach Yantha – Strength and Conditioning Coach

MpwrU Program Tuition

$249.00 (initial registration fee)
$169.00 /month for 12 months


(savings of $280)

Empowering yourself couldn’t be easier.

Step 1: Register For the Program (start dates available two times per year)
     Gain immediate access to the MpwrU program’s helpful information and videos in your personal account. As well as the links to the weekly meetings.

Step 2: Watch the First Two Introductory Videos
     Watch the first two videos of the video library series to get acquainted with some of the information that will be foundational to thriving with this program. They are no longer than 10-15 minutes in length.

Step 3: Schedule and Attend the Meetings
     There is one group meeting per week on Sunday evening (EST) and a one-on-one meeting per quarter. All are designed to help you best incorporate the tools and knowledge, allow for time to debrief and discuss ideas and connect with others on their process as well.

All meetings are recorded and placed in your account for review at your convenience.

MpwrU Program Tuition

$249.00 (initial registration fee)
$169.00 /month for 12 months


(savings of $280)

Interested in the Upgrade Coaching Option*

An Upgrade Coaching option is available for the opportunity to work one-on-one monthly with a coach to help you work through your specific challenges and direction. Included with this option, is the full base MpwrU program, features, and benefits plus a monthly private coaching one-on-one session per month for the duration of the year. Tuition is $249/month plus the one-time registration fee. Register here

More Info On Program Content

Module 1 –  Your Story and How it Can Empower You or Entangle You

Module 2 – Empowering Skills to Get Started

Module 3 – Our Beliefs and How They Define Us

Module 4 – The Stages of Change

Module 5 – Friction and Freedom

Module 6 – The Three Currencies

Module 7 – Making the Most of Your Time

Module 8 – Imagining The Possibilities

Module 9 – Setting the Plan in Action

Module 10 – Angels and Demons

Module 11 – Colourizing Your Life

Module 12 – Purpose Mapping

Module 13 – The Five Love Languages

Module 14 – The 4 Business/Craft Mindsets

Module 15 – Your Best You

Module 16 – Unique Abilities 

Module 17 – The Power of the SWOT

Module 18 – The Secrets of Better Relationships