Finally, a continuing education program that is for personal development, not just professional development!

As human performance professionals, we are constantly giving ourselves to our clients, businesses, friends, and family.  When do we get to take care of ourselves?

We are often leaving ourselves last on the list. We can’t do a good job taking care of others if we are not in good enough shape ourselves.

It is a slippery slope and one that we want to help you navigate.

One Time Fee550$ + Tax
3 Installments200$ + tax

We want you to:

  • Stop feeling like you are alone, unable to get, or ask for help,
  • To have a safe place to work on you and what is important to you,
  • Have a kickass mindset that can help you navigate this journey called life
  • Belong to an exclusive group of professionals who want more from life, who understand your circumstances and are here to support your growth and development.
  • To live your best life.

This online course offers weekly connection times where the group gets together to learn, share and grow through mindset, awareness, and accountability.

There is no need to travel anywhere. You just need wifi.
There is no need for prep. Your life is here and now.
This is a gift to you for you. Not just the responsibility of your chosen profession.

Entry into and continuing on with the program is available every quarter.

We want you to not only be massively successful in your chosen career path but to be sustainable in living the best life you can.

We have over 50+ years combined of personal and professional experience navigating the ups and downs of clients, business, divorces, losing jobs, moving, marketing, depression, having kids, staff culture, personal dilemmas, relationship troubles, being alone, etc.

Let us share our experiences and together let’s elevate our game.

Jaime + Scotty

  • Date

    Next Session beginning September 2020

  • Schedule

    Up to two online meeting per weeks, Approximately 1hr long. Recorded and kept accessible.

  • Components

    Video meetings, online tutorials, discussions, mentoring, and sharing.

  • Introduction fees

    $550 + tax (one time fee)
    $600 + tax (three installments of $200)

    Alumni rate (pro-rate from previous session)

One Time Fee550$ + Tax
3 Installments200$ + tax