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Welcome to the Kickstarter course!

Take an easy step toward working smarter, not harder in human performance

This Neuro Reconditioning Kickstarter course is designed to give you a clear picture of the process of Neuro Reconditioning through the perspective of a case study analysis.

Follow the injury to return to performance process of our client, Mac Marcoux, a Paralympic Alpine Skier who, along with his integrated services team, sought out our Neuro Reconditioning services, before the Beijing Paralympics of 2022.

You will see how the process of Neuro Reconditioning helped us:

There are 7 modules in total (1.25 hours of content) and together they will give you powerful insight into the entire Neuro Reconditioning process.

It’s a great way to better understand the journey you will undergo once you take the dive into R1 Foundations and beyond.

Purchase the Neuro Reconditioning Kickstarter for only $125.00 it’s the perfect way to get started exploring the possibilities of Neuro Reconditioning.

More on Neuro Reconditioning:

Neuro Reconditioning is not only reserved for use with high-level athletes like Mac.

It is designed to optimize the human body, in both life and sport.

The Neuro Reconditioning principles extend throughout the full spectrum of client athletic performance ability and hence powerful for any human performance professional wanting to take their professional skill set, and client outcomes, to a whole other level.

Human performance professionals who take Neuro Reconditioning reside all over the world and come from a myriad of professional domains.

Neuro Reconditioning is one of the few systems in the world integrating rehabilitation and performance training with applied neurology, revolutionizing the rehab and performance training industries.

The system ensures to not only maximize the effectiveness of the biomechanical and physiological performance of your client from rehabilitation to performance but to optimize their neurological system, the governing system of the human body, expanding the performance potential that is available to them.

Neuro Reconditioning is delivered through online content, as well as virtual training labs and live lab in-person workshops offered through the Reconditioning Mastermind community.

After completing the Neuro Reconditioning curriculum you will:

Get ready to start working smarter and not harder, and becoming
the Neuro Reconditioning Professional everyone wants to work with.

Your journey has begun.
Jaime and Scotty



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