| The R-Pro Series

Do you want to stand out amongst your peers for solving performance and injury problems?

Do you want to understand how the neurological system interprets and defines movement, recognizing when and how it is affecting movement outcomes?

Do you want to be confident to assess movement, recognize movement issues, and make truly tactical decisions on how to intervene?

Do you want to prescribe precise exercises that create lasting results, fix issues once and for all, and create more buy-in from your clients?

Do you want the ability to choose your clients, earn more, and work less?

Yes? Then sign up now for the R-Pro Series and
become the Reconditioning Professional everyone wants to work with!

What is Reconditioning?

Reconditioning is not another skillset to be added to your toolbox. It is a whole new operating system that encourages a holistic approach, redefining the way you will look at movement and the performance of your clients.

What is the Difference Maker?

Reconditioning goes beyond anything else in the current human performance professional development space with the R-Pro Series you get a all in one stop shop.

How Reconditioning Works

There are four stages to becoming a Reconditioning Professional that we call the R-Pro Series.

(Step 1) is where you learn how to assess and break down movements, identify the drivers of dysfunction, choose appropriate intervention strategies, and build effective neuroscience based programming to improve movement quality. These are the fundamental principles of the Reconditioning system and the functional neurology that influences the approach. Self-paced online format followed by a Virtual Lab Experience and Option for Live Lab Experience.

(Step 2) is where you elevate your movement acumen by learning to analyse video, perform needs analysis, develop and define staged return-to-performance programs, master delivery of each stage, and integrate your programming into an overall performance plan. Supported by a neurological foundation to enhance your understanding and execution. Self-paced online format followed by a Virtual Lab Experience and Option for Live Lab Experience

(Step 3) is our signature LIVE event where you learn and practice in a collaborative environment how to assemble the whole process, refine your approach, align with your operating context, explore experiences with other attendees, integrate alternative considerations and disciplines of performance programming, and roll out the process from injury to return to performance. All done with support and guidance from Jaime and Scotty. You will go deep on critical thinking, problem solving and incorporating a Functional Neurology lens. Self-paced pre-event video material followed by a 2 day immersible live experience.

(Step 4) is where the mastery of the approach comes together resulting in a guaranteed understanding and ease with how you apply Reconditioning in your own personal environment as well as other performance environments. We discuss key client buy-in strategies, more neurological considerations, and program delivery concepts so your process becomes exceptional. Weekly assignments, online debrief and Q&A sessions and a one day live final event upon completion.10 Week online program with two live interactive experiences

R4 is a 10 week mentorship that results in a guaranteed understanding of how to practice Reconditioning in your own personal environment as well as other performance environments. Each week you receive an assignment, you meet online 2x’s, and there are two live connection events, one at six weeks and one at 10 weeks for graduation.

Your Guides: Jaime and Scotty Livingston

In deciding to take the reconditioning journey, you are going to be guided by two people, Jaime and Scotty, who have more than fifty combined years of practice in the human performance world.

Your career success matters to us, and we will go above and beyond to see you thrive!

Your Investment

The R-Pro Series Includes:

R1-Foundations (Tuition $1100 w/o any discount)

R2-Designs (Tuition $1100 w/o any discount)

R3-CoLabLIVE EVENT (Tuition $1500 w/o any discount)

R4-Mentorship – An Online Experience w Live Graduation Day – (Tuition $2250 w/o any discount)

The complete R-Pro Series is valued at $5950

Purchase the R-Pro Series today and you can experience becoming a Reconditioning professional in 10 months for $5200 or a deposit of $1600 and 5 equal monthly payments of $800 (total $5600) (plus all applicable taxes)

Tuition $1100
Regular $950
Tuition $1100
Regular $950
Tuition $1500
Regular $1300
Tuition $2250
Regular $2000
You can purchase the R-Pro Series tuition value of $5950 at a
regular package price of $5200 or $5600 on an instalment plan

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