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The ‘R-Pro Series’ is the complete Reconditioning curriculum package empowering you to seamlessly integrate your full knowledge, education and skills for powerful client buy-in and results.

Reconditioning combines the strengths and perspectives of therapy and training, saving your precious time and energy by understanding how to use the right tools, in the right place at the right time.

Becoming fluent in the Reconditioning language and approach will allow you and your colleagues to collaborate effectively with the intention and purpose providing the ultimate service to your clients and their success.

Be the sought after professional leader you are meant to be, that gets results every time.

4 steps. 1 package. Career Fulfillment.

Here are the steps:

On-line with Zoom Touch Points

In r1 you learn how to assess and breakdown movement, identify the drivers of dysfunction, choose intervention strategies, and build effective programming to improve movement quality

On-line with Zoom Touch Points

In r2 you learn to analyse video, do a needs analysis, define a three stage program, build and deliver each stage, and integrate your programming into a performance plan

2 day Live Laboratory Event

In r3 you learn how to assemble the whole process, align with your operating context, explore experiences with other attendees, integrate alternative considerations and disciplines of performance programming, and completely run the process from injury to return to performance

12 Week online program with two live interactive experiences

r4 is a 12 week mentorship that results in a guaranteed understanding of how to practice Reconditioning in your own personal environment as well as other performance environments. Each week you receive an assignment, you meet online 2x’s, and there are two live connection events, one at six weeks and one at 12 weeks for graduation.

Total $5000.00

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