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R1 Foundations- Live In-Person

R1 Foundations - The LIVE LAB

We’re back. Live In-Person!

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Limited spaces available.

Have you been waiting to do Neuro Reconditioning in a live environment?

We get it. This R1 Foundations LIVE LAB is made for you.

Get immediate access upon registration to the online course video library
and then come join us to practice and put it all together.

The LIVE LAB Date is:

June 24 -25, 2023

in Grand Rapids, MN, USA


6191 Kraft Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512, USA

How the LIVE LAB Rolls!


Saturday, June 24th: 10:00 – 4:00 pm
Sunday, June 25th: 9:00 – 2:00 pm

Case study format, practical workshop style, skills review practice, group and personal learning, Q&A and discussion throughout.

We cover the concepts of:

When you register for the LIVE LAB you gain immediate access to the entire R1 Foundations Online Video Content to get started immediately on prepping for the Live Lab.

During the live lab portion, using Case Studies as a focus, you get to practice and refine how to integrate the systems and principles of Neuro Reconditioning into your unique rehab and training environments.

More details:

This LIVE LAB is the chance to finally get together since the lockdown, to learn, connect and practice all of the principles and skills outlined in the online R1 Foundations Neuro Reconditioning video content, in a powerful and effective in-person, group, case study format.

This is a LEARNING LABORATORY where you will be exposed to context and application through case studies, Q&A, demonstration and discussion. It is not good enough just to know the information but to feel confident that you can deliver on it, it where the magic happens. You will do and try the skills and principles to best understand how these integrate into your personal practice environment.

There will not be a re-teaching on the systems and practices of the R1 Foundations Neuro Reconditioning online material, as it will be made available to you immediately upon registration and therefore yours to digest at your own pace. You are expected to come prepared for the weekend of practical application. From experience, this provides you with the best opportunity to grasp the concepts, understand and integrate the approach into your practices, maximizing our time together, and refining your skillsets.

R1 Foundations Live Lab Tuition:

Online Course Content: $1000 CAD Early Bird Rate

The LIVE LAB Date is:

June 24-25, 2023

in Grand Rapids, MN, USA


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6191 Kraft Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512, USA

Eary Bird Rate available until October 8, 2022

Are you an R1 Foundations Alumni?

We can’t wait to have you back to refresh your Neuro Reconditioning knowledge and skills, especially in this in-person, live environment finally!

As always you are given the chance to audit our courses for a reduced or no cost to you.

Limited alumni spaces* are available in this LIVE LAB. Sign up early to get on the waitlist to get first dibs on the free spaces* available!

*The number of alumni spaces will be determined on the number of new registrants. Final determination of the space availability will be made two weeks out from the course date of Nov 5-6, 2022.

What type of alumni are you?

Have you completed the R1 Foundations since October 2021?

If you have completed R1 Foundations since October 2021 with all the new Applied Neurology Material, then the LIVE event is INCLUDED as a member of the Reconditioning Revolution Mastermind Community.

Sign up here. Only $20/month.

Completed R1 Foundations virtually or Live before October 2021?

If you haven’t realized by now, since Oct 2021, we have integrated some very powerful applied neurology into our course content. It is a big part of the process in Neuro Reconditioning because it fills in the gap of the interpretation part of the body system. We can’t wait for you to add it to your arsenal.

And so to attend to this LIVE LAB, getting up to speed is important, and thankfully also, simple.

Select the button below to register for your spot in the live lab taking advantage of the alumni discount upgrade fee.

You will receive immediate access to all the updated online video content to get started on immediately and then come ready to practice your skills at the LIVE LAB in November.