R1 - Foundations - The Complete Online Experience
$1000 CAD

Upcoming Dates:

February 13-14, 2021
March 13-14, 2021

Reconditioning integrates the worlds of therapy and physical performance increasing the confidence you will have to create better outcomes for your clients, with faster results, greater buy-in, and more sustainable performance solutions.

Whether you wish to improve your understanding of movement assessment, expand your exercise repertoire, elevate your ability to ask better questions, or make precise decisions about your therapy or exercise interventions, Reconditioning will bring you powerful insights and strategies that will help you achieve your goals, and your client’s objectives.

The vast majority of disciplines in human performance focus narrowly on specialized expertise and lack a systematic approach to collaborate and integrate with other professionals. This lack of a common language of practice and innovation impedes progress, efficiency, impact, and ultimately the performance of your clients.

We created Reconditioning because we recognized that there was a disconnect between the worlds of therapy and physical performance training.

To be clear, Reconditioning is not another skillset to be added to your toolbox. It is a whole new operating system that encourages a holistic approach redefining the way you will look at movement and the performance of your clients.

Reconditioning is a powerful process of learning. There are four fundamental programs in the Reconditioning process, but it all starts with our R1 – “Foundations” course.

In “Foundations” you learn all the principles of practice and all the strategies to assess movement, understand movement demands, determine movement limitations, choose interventions, and build your client’s programming.

After registration you will have access to:

Step One:

  • 12 video modules
  • Numerous adjunct skill videos (Primary assessment, breakdowns, 5R’s, and Stability-Strength continuum protocols
  • A complete PDF course manual
  • The opportunity to digest all of this information at your own pace

Step Two:

  • Reserve a spot at registration for one of our amazing Foundations Zoom Labs
  • Every 12 weeks there are three Foundations Zoom Lab weekends available (2 x three-hour sessions) on specific weekends
  • Upon completion of the video course and Foundations Zoom Labs – you receive a course certificate
  • Access to all course content and Foundations Zoom Lab recordings for up to one year from the date of registration


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