R2 - Designs

Please note:  you cannot take “Designs” until you have completed “Foundations”.

So you’ve done R1 and you are now ready to go to the next level and work towards being a Reconditioning Specialist. Step 2 is R2-Designs.

In R2 – Designs, you take the principles you learned in R1 and connect them to context (context-based assessment and breakdowns, video analysis and needs analysis), performance programming, and performance planning. You learn to make your process absolutely complete!

What You Will Get

  • 25+ hours of video content to be viewed at your own pace
  • Context-based assessment protocols
  • Video Analysis strategies
  • Sport or activity “Needs Analysis”
  • Programing methodology
  • Specific Designs exercise prescription
  • Yearly planning integration
  • We will answer all your pressing questions!
  • You’ll treat and train everyone like a world-class athlete
  • The ability to work in performance teams with a seamless language of practice

How You Will Benefit!

  • You’ll understand how to assess ANY movement and understand where your client needs to improve
  • You’ll be able to work through the full continuum of performance preparation
  • You’ll understand how to work into any phase of training or season with an athlete or client
  • You’ll be more comfortable jumping into working with any sport or performance environment
  • You’ll be able to work more successfully with other experts and within teams
  • And you’ll exceed as a world-class performance practitioner!

After registering for “Designs” you will have access to:

Step One:

Step one comprises:

  • 18 online video modules
  • Numerous adjunct skill videos (review material from Foundations)
  • A complete PDF course manual
  • You digest all of this information at your own pace in the comfort of your home

Step Two:

In step two you’ll attend one of our amazing Designs Zoom Labs where we dive into a live case study and open discussion to make the content-specific and practical to your circumstances of practice.

  • Upon registration, choose your Zoom Lab Weekend
  • 2 x 1-hour meetings and 2 x 2-hour meetings, all on Zoom on Saturday and Sunday
  • Receive your course certificate upon completion of the Zoom Labs
"Once I took the course I absolutely felt my goals were achieved! One of my major goals was to be able to provide exercises for injured athletes that will allow them to recover while also continuing to work them in an appropriate manner. Right after I took the course I had an athlete with an injured disc who I was able to treat and also rehab on the road in Europe without sending them home with confidence and success. I felt like it was going to connect me to a world I already knew I wanted to be a part of. That one where practitioners use similar language, put aside their egos and work together for the benefit of making the individual a healthier or more well-rounded mover. I also felt like it was going to help me improve my confidence while working with world-class strength coaches, and it did all of that!”
Courtney Brown
D.C. Team Chiropracter Alpine Canada Alpin

Your Investment

The “Designs” course is $1000 CAD (plus any applicable taxes).


  • 25+ hours online video program
  • Designs Zoom Lab (choose your date upon registration)
  • PDF Course manual
  • Course certificate of completion

Level Up to Designs Today

R2 – Designs is not only another level of understanding movement but another level of integrated practice. This is where we really connect the dots between fixing movement issues and integrating your work into performance solutions and environments. If you want to work alongside other performance professionals to create powerful performance solutions for your customers, this is the course that will take you there!