R2 - Designs

R2 – Designs, Step 2, is where you elevate your movement acumen by learning to analyse video, perform needs analyses then develop and define staged return-to-performance programs, master delivery of each stage, and integrate your programming into an overall performance plan. Supported by a neurological foundation to enhance your understanding and execution. Self-paced online format followed by a Virtual Lab Experience or a Live Lab Experience (see below).

“Advance Your Approach”

In R2-Designs, you build on the principles you learned in R1:

When you complete R2-Designs you will be able to:

Courtney Brown -D.C. Team Chiropractic Alpine Canada Alpin
“Once I took the course I absolutely felt my goals were achieved! One of my major goals was to be able to provide exercises for injured athletes that will allow them to recover while also continuing to work them in an appropriate manner. Right after I took the course I had an athlete with an injured disc who I was able to treat and also rehab on the road in Europe without sending them home with confidence and success. I felt like it was going to connect me to a world I already knew I wanted to be a part of. That one where practitioners use similar language, put aside their egos, and work together for the benefit of making the individual a healthier or more well-rounded mover. I also felt like it was going to help me improve my confidence while working with world-class strength coaches, and it did all of that!”

R2-Designs with Virtual Lab (VL)

If you choose the R2-Designs with Virtual Lab (VL) you can digest the entire process from the comfort of your own learning environment. Everything is online and available on your timelines.

We complete your learning process with a one day (7 hours) virtual learning lab we do on Zoom with everyone in your group. We walk you through a complete case study example using the process, and we answer any questions you have and troubleshoot any issues you might have experienced in putting the process into practice.

The R2-Designs with Virtual Lab Experience is $1100.00 CAD+tx.

Note: You must have graduated the newest edition of R1-Foundations with Applied Neurology (Graduates after October 16, 2021) in order to qualify for this price, if you are a graduate of the old course content, you must engage in the Applied Neurology upgrades, see below.

(But remember, if you purchase it as a part of the R-Pro Series, you can save $150!)


*We record our Zoom Lab meetings in case you can’t attend live, and you can digest them when you want.

R1 Alumni prior to October 16, 2021. If you wish to register for the R2-Designs course with Virtual Lab you must have completed R1-Foundations.

Since we have upgraded our R1 and R2 course content with new applied neurology content, you must have completed the R1-Upgrade material first before you can take R2-Designs.

We are offering all R1-Foundations Alumni the opportunity to purchase the R2-Designs course inclusive of the new content, as well as the entire R1-Foundations Online course with new material use the coupon code R1ALUMNIR2 to get the R1-Foundations Upgrade price of $350 and the R2-Designs Price of $1100 for a savings of $150.

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*You must have completed R1 before you can purchase R2