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Neuro Reconditioning

R2 Designs

Optimize your client’s performance, in life and sport.

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Note:  Must have already completed R1 Foundations

R2 Designs is where you learn how to:

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When you complete R2 Designs you will:

Why Neuro Reconditioning?

R2 Designs Tuition

Course content: $1000 CAD


Community training*: $20 CAD/month*

Courtney Brown Edit

Courtney Brown
-D.C. Team Chiropractic Alpine Canada Alpin

“Once I took the course I absolutely felt my goals were achieved! One of my major goals was to be able to provide exercises for injured athletes that will allow them to recover while also continuing to work them in an appropriate manner. Right after I took the course I had an athlete with an injured disc who I was able to treat and also rehab on the road in Europe without sending them home with confidence and success. I felt like it was going to connect me to a world I already knew I wanted to be a part of. That one where practitioners use similar language, put aside their egos, and work together for the benefit of making the individual a healthier or more well-rounded mover. I also felt like it was going to help me improve my confidence while working with world-class strength coaches, and it did all of that!”

Next R2 Designs community training starts:

October 20, 2022

And continues for 7 more consecutive Thursdays at 12:00pm EST
Session length = 1hr

A Simple 4 Step Process:

Welcome back R2 Designs Alumni!

You’ve taken our R2 Designs course before?
It is now time to come back, refresh and update your skills.

Since Oct 2021, our R2 Designs course has evolved.
It still contains all the same great principles you remember combining the power of rehabilitation and training. And now, integrates with those, proven applied neurology visual and vestibular assessments and strategies to enrich your application of the Neuro Reconditioning process.

And, since April 2020, our R2 Designs course material has been available online with 15.5 hours of video content to digest at your own pace and reference at your convenience.

How to refresh and upgrade your R2 Designs:

Step 1: My most recent R2 Designs course completion date was:
  1. live in-person or Virtually before October 2021
  2. virtually after Oct 2021.
Step 2: Click on the green button below that corresponds to your course completion date.

-Personal account
-immediate access to the R2 Designs course Video Library Content including the new powerful applied neurology content
-R2 Designs virtual community training as part of The Reconditioning Revolution


-R2 Designs virtual community training as part of The Reconditioning Revolution

Step 3:

-Attend the R2 Designs virtual community training and master your Neuro Reconditioning skills.
-Then enrich your knowledge and add to your CEUs even further by coming to the virtual expert guest lecture sessions, and the Reconditioning Special Topics series of sessions.