R3 – CoLab, (Step 3) is our signature LIVE event where you learn and practice in a collaborative environment how to assemble the whole process, refine your approach, align with your operating context, explore experiences with other attendees, integrate alternative considerations and disciplines of performance programming, and roll out the process from injury to return to performance. All done with support and guidance from Jaime and Scotty. You will go deep on critical thinking, problem solving and incorporating a Functional Neurology lens. Self-paced pre-event video material followed by a 2 day immersible live experience.

“The Experience - Tangibility”

In R3-CoLab, you begin to own the principles you’ve learned in R1+R2 through:

After you register you will have access to:

“I can’t say enough. Everybody should have to go through a journey like this in order to better provide for those we are working with.”
Jon Gellar -D.C. Assistant AT Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club

R3-CoLab Experience

The R3-CoLab is a unique interactive experience all about collaboration and sharing. We will be together as a group playing with all the information that is Reconditioning. Understanding your working environments and your challenges, ensuring that when you leave this course, you are clear on how to implement everything that makes Reconditioning so powerful into your operating paradigm, including all the new concepts around applied neurology.

Day 1

Purpose in Motion
Bringing on Focus
Context and Contingencies
Polishing the Priorities
Q&A and One Thing from the day

Day 2

Building Buy-in and Belief
Unleashing the Potential
Perspectives and Intentions

White Board Planning ~.5hr

Professional Experience Informs Us ~.5hr
Non-linear Progression ~.5hr

Q&A and One Thing from the day ~0.5-1hr

Your Investment

The R3-CoLab is regularly $1500 CAD (plus any applicable taxes), but remember, if you purchase it as a part of the R-Pro Series, you can save $200!


Chose Your Date:

The R3-CoLab will be normally priced at $1500+tx after September 18, 2021. But you will have to be fully up to date on your R1+R2 course content in order to register.

Purchase the R3-CoLab as part of the R-Pro Series and save $200.

If you are an R2 Alumni and wish to purchase the R3-CoLab unless you have recently completed the upgraded R1-Foundations and the Upgraded R2-Designs (as of October 16+23, 2021) you will need to purchase and complete these course materials before the next R3-CoLab.

R3-CoLab – $1500

R1-Upgrade – $500
(Includes Full Access to the online course materials inclusive of new Primer, all new Applied Neurology content, and recorded R1 Virtual Labs)

R2-Upgrade – $500
(Includes Full Access to the online course materials inclusive of all new Applied Neurology content, and recorded R2 Virtual Labs)

Total: $2500 (use your coupon code R2ALUMNIR3) to receive $300 off this price until December 31, 2021.

Your Reconditioning Journey Begins Today!

We would love to help you become the best human performance practitioner you can be, and we’d love to walk your path with you!
*You must have completed R1+R2 to do the R3-CoLab