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Neuro Reconditioning

R3 CoLab

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary,
is practice.”
~ Vladimir Horowitz

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*must have completed the R1&R2 Courses previously

The R3-CoLab Experience

The R3-CoLab is an in-person interactive weekend workshop, plus pre-event and post-event virtual training, designed to help you practice, and master, your Neuro Reconditioning thought process and skills.

You will learn, practice, and experience the powerful Neuro Reconditioning system in a collaborative, guided and practical group setting.

Set yourself apart as a Neuro Reconditioning Professional and be a valuable practitioner and part of any service team or organization.

The R3-CoLab Experience

Why Neuro Reconditioning?

A Simple 4 Step Process:

Reconditioning 5Rs

Get rid of your client's mobility issues once and for all.

Use our proven 5R's system to refine your approach.
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