Do you often struggle after taking a course with how to best apply the approach?

Perhaps you are left with many unanswered questions?

Maybe you just wish you could access the wisdom and experience of the teachers when you actually have a question or a problem to solve?

We’ve built a deep dive mentorship program just because we know these questions and issues are normal for just about everyone who takes a professional development course.

The R4-Mentorship is a 10-Week program where we go deep on how to use the Reconditioning process and connect it directly to your personal practice.

Each week there is a new assignment that empowers you to use the approach and we spend time walking through the results of your assignment, and those of the rest of the group each week so that you get the benefit of your learning, and the learning of everyone else in the program.

R4 – Mentorship (Step 4) is where the mastery of the approach comes together resulting in a guaranteed understanding and ease with how you apply Reconditioning in your own personal environment as well as other performance environments. We discuss key client buy-in strategies, more neurological considerations, and program delivery concepts so your process becomes exceptional. Weekly assignments, online debrief and Q&A sessions and a one day live final event upon completion.

“Full Integration into practice and The Debrief”

What You Will Experience

Introducing everyone, getting to know you, understanding your challenges and goals, and outlining our objectives

We take you through the A-Z process of Reconditioning using a Case Study just to get you thinking and seeing like a Reconditioning Specialist, we want to inspire you right from the start!

You jump right in and build a case study presenting your assessment outcomes and your hypothesis for intervention. This is where we ensure your work meets your context and environment for success.
You’ve learned video analysis in R2, we take it to another level in the mentorship, ensuring you are comfortable with analysing any movement and presenting your findings to the group.
Knowing everything you can about your client’s sport or activities of choice clarifies the parameters of your work, and how you will progress, we take a deep dive here to make sure you know what to do!
We ensure you have a full grasp on how to deliver our unique method of managing mobility issues, the 5Rs in your practice as you demonstrate the protocol through your own case study presentation.
How you start is the key to a successful end game. We ensure you take your hypothesis and deliver a clear and concise intervention strategy.
Start with the end in mind. We know how to analyze movement, now we reverse engineer the movement we want, take it apart, and build it back up.
The complete the process by ensuring you can take your programming through the three-phase process and complete the return to performance progression.
How do you keep your client moving, reduce detraining effects, integrate into higher level planning, objectively determine progressions, and make good decisions for return to performance, exploring dynamic systems theory.
We take a final week to make certain you are fully comfortable with the process and ready to rock the world as the Reconditioning Professional everyone wants to work with! We also take a walk through how to market yourself as a Reconditioning Professional and how to stand out amongst your peers.

How the R4-Mentorship Works:

What You Get

How You'll Benefit

You will:

Lisa Swallow CAT(C), CAMPT

“The mentorship exceeded my expectations with a good mix of case studies/practical applications and good feedback. Most importantly for me, the experience was complimentary to some things I’ve been dealing with on a personal level around codependency, mindfulness, and just getting life as a whole in order. It was good to be in a learning space where a holistic philosophy was the central theme! Good positive reinforcement for me where I am presently at personally and professionally! So thank you for that!.”

Why Mentor Under Us?

In deciding to take the mentorship journey, you are going to be guided by two people who have more than fifty combined years of practice in the human performance world.

We have reconditioned and trained literally thousands of clients through some of the most difficult and challenging cases.

We’ve trained multiple Olympic medalists and world-champions in numerous sports. We’ve worked in every domain of performance from college athletics, to professional sport, and Olympic sport.

We’ve succeeded as private clinicians and as team support professionals. We worked in and supervised integrated support teams.

We’ve built and collaborated in multiple business ventures.

We’ve literally been teaching and mentoring for our entire careers and supported the professional development of hundreds of performance professionals.

Your career success matters to us, and we will go above and beyond to see you thrive!

“Hard to put in words how this past year has had a HUGE impact on me as a therapist/reconditioning specialist having gone through the R4-Mentorship. Growth in my knowledge and understanding of the concepts, but also better at applying them. As well as having an impact on the personal and business side of things.”

Sophie St-JacquesAT, and S+C Coach – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Your Investment

The R4-Mentorship is regularly $2250 CAD (plus applicable taxes), but remember, if you purchase it as a part of the R-Pro Series, you can save $250!

Join Us on a Fully Guided Tour of Reconditioning and Become the
Reconditioning Professional Everyone Wants to Work with!

*You must have completed R1-R3 before you can purchase R4