Reconditioning is the holistic process of improving human movement potential by integrating the strengths of performance coaching and therapeutic practice. By understanding and addressing the root cause of limitations in the system, practitioners are able to get rapid, effective and long-lasting results with their clients. Each solution set is uniquely tailored to the client and context of their situation. Professionals that practice this approach are called Reconditioning Specialists.

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Become a Reconditioning Specialist.

Step 1

Online Primer Video Module*

Expand your Craft

Get to know the world of Reconditioning!

$75 (plus tax)

This course module covers all of the Foundation Principles for Reconditioning that can be immediately integrated into your training or treatment methodology.

Reconditioning is an approach designed for professionals who work in human performance.
Includes: personal link to our online Primer video module.
*primer course video module is included with the registration for a Reconditioning Level 1 course.

Dale Lablans

Dale Lablans

“The Performance Therapy and Reconditioning course is essential for any Sports Performance Professional looking to utilize an integrated training and therapy model.

As the Sport Science and Strength and Conditioning Lead for the Canadian Track and Field Team this course has fundamentally changed how we assess and subsequently prescribe exercises for every single Canadian National Track and Field athlete.  Scott and Jaime have done a fantastic job of presenting a balance of hands on and theoretical material through a practical lens. I can attest to the fact that, when followed, this course will improve your ability to develop both robust and resilient athletes. I cannot recommend this course enough.”

Step 2

Live Event Practical Courses

Reconditioning Level 1

Bridge the Gap

Holistic Assessment and Exercise Selection in Action Execute the Reconditioning Principles to bring your assessment and training methodology to the next level.

Includes: Online Primer Video Module*, Practical work, case studies, Skill Application, Reconditioning Level 1 course slides manual, two days with Jaime and Scotty


Reconditioning Level 2**

Bring it all together

Advanced Exercise Techniques, Programming and Movement Analysis, Bringing it all together.

Includes: Practical work, case studies, Skill Application, two and a half days with Jaime and Scotty

Finish as a Reconditioning Practitioner

Note**: Reconditioning 1 Course completion required

Jon Geller

Jon Geller

AT and S+C Specialist Toronto Maple Leafs

“I have taken both Reconditioning I and II with Scott and Jaime.  Scott and Jaime’s openness and honesty when sharing their vast experience and expertise with a variety of athletes is what sets these courses apart.  Their perspective on reconditioning athletes is simple and complex.  No matter how much, or how little, experience you have in this field, you will gain an invaluable amount of knowledge from these courses.  Scott and Jaime have also attracted attendees of the course with a diverse background, and advocate a round-table approach, which only further adds to the experience.  I sincerely recommend these courses, or any course that Scott and Jaime teach, to anyone in the healthcare field.”

Step 3

Reconditioning Specialists Mentorship***Online Live Coaching Experience

Transform your career

Master all the concepts: Work with real-time case study
Weekly one-on-one work, as well as group discussion directly with Jaime and Scotty, Weekly Tutorials, Private Facebook Group Page with all videos and information.

Finish as a Reconditioning Specialist

***Reconditioning 1 & 2 Course completion required