We are excited you wish to be a part of the #ReconditioningRevolution.

We are currently reformatting the way run our courses. Reconditioning has gone completely Virtual. We’ve taken both our level 1 and level 2 courses and loaded them onto an online platform so that you can digest the power of this amazing operating system from the comfort of your home.

We combine this recorded video experience with Live Zoom Labs to bring all the principles and practices of Reconditioning to life through applied case study. In turn you walk away with how to best use this language of common practice to bring the worlds of therapy and performance together in one powerful approach that creates lasting change in your client’s performance.

This fall ReconditioningHQ.com is launching a complete experience package that brings all of the video teaching together with a powerful Mentorship program and a weekly community touch point so you can grow as the Reconditioning Revolution grows, we are truly excited about the possibilities.

So for now, we ask you to reserve yourself a spot in the course you need to be a part of this fall in our calendar, and we’ll be back at you by the end of August with all the options you can consider for your ongoing education in the Reconditioning community, and once you make your decision, you’ll get access to all the educational programs you’ve signed up to take!