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Neuro Reconditioning

The RPro Series

“The first business asset you should invest in,
is yourself.”

~Orrin Woodward

The RPro Series is the full set of three Neuro Reconditioning courses packaged together for one great price.

Neuro Reconditioning is one of the few systems in the world integrating rehabilitation and performance training with applied neurology, revolutionizing the rehab and training industries.

I want to save $650

The three components of Neuro Reconditioning

Here you learn to assess movement and neuro biomechanical networks to define what may be driving injury and dysfunction and deliver an effective neuroscience based plan.

In R2, you dive deep into video analysis and the needs analysis process to maximize contextual understanding and client buy-in. As well as develop, define and deliver phased return-to-performance programming for life and sport.

In R3, you learn to advance and streamline your application of the neuroscience based rehabilitation and training strategies, while getting the chance to practice and put it all together in a live collaborative environment.

I want to save $650

After completing the RPro series you will:

Become the Neuro Reconditioning Professional
everyone wants to work with!

Why Neuro Reconditioning?

What is the Difference Maker?

Course tuition separately:

R1 Foundations course content + community training


R2 Designs course content + community training


R3 CoLab course content + community training


Total: $3850

Your RPro Series tuition:

Course content: $3200 CAD
12 months of
Reconditioning Mastermind Community

Save $650

The Simple Process of Registration

1) Register and begin immediately to watch the R1 Foundations video library.

2) Proceed to the R2 Designs of Neuro Reconditioning course material.
3) Proceed to the R3 CoLab of Neuro Reconditioning course material.

4) Deepen your grasp of the Neuro Reconditioning methodology through The Reconditioning Mastermind Community:



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