This online program is designed to help you master the principles of the Reconditioning approach.

Regardless of the performance environment within which you work, this approach can be reconfigured to maximize the impact with your specific clients and environment. Whether you work in a medical clinic, gym, with a team, or as an entrepreneur, the principles can enhance how you direct your practice.

Over the course of eight (8) weeks, we delve into the principles that were presented in the live course and make these most practical in your current set of circumstances.

There will be weekly meetings, tutorials, and assignments that will help you grasp the intricacies and be masterful with your application of the approach.

The best part is all you need is some quiet moments to connect with the group or to listen to the tutorial, and wifi!

There is no need to travel, book a hotel, and focus in a room for 8 hours long.

By dosing the information, the impact becomes much more profound.

Finally, you will get Jaime and Scotty and their 50+ years of practice as your own personal guides throughout the process to ask questions, to get advice, and to share your experiences with.

Jump on board, we’re excited to support your journey!

Jaime + Scotty

  • Date

    Next Session beginning Monday, May 4th, 2020

  • Schedule

    Two online meetings per week – Approximately 1hr long. Recorded and kept accessible online

  • Components

    Video meetings, online learning module tutorials, discussion boards, presentations, community learning and sharing.

  • Introduction fees

    $1800 + tax (one time fee)
    $2100 + tax (three installments of $700)

    Audit rate: $400 + tax