Want a Reconditioning Virtual Review?

Everyone in some way, shape, or form has been affected by the pandemic this year, and we hope you have been able to create opportunity through all of this, or at least stay safe and healthy.

We made a big pivot in the spring and put Reconditioning Level 1, now called R1-Foundations, and Level 2, now called R2-Designs all online. We bookend these online courses with two 3-hour Zoom Labs that we do on weekends, and to supplement this information, we’ve also created the new Infinite Mastermind Community where we will answer questions and provide insight on a weekly basis throughout the year.

We want to offer you a special opportunity because of your loyalty to us, and your desire to be the best at what you do.

How it Works

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see our special offer to you, and once you’ve decided to jump on board this opportunity you will have access to:

  • All the video module content for the course(s) you purchased
  • Complete PDF course manual(s)
  • You’ll Reserve a spot at registration for the Zoom Labs of your choice
    • This fall we have R1-Foundations Zoom Labs on November 7-8 and December 5-6, and we have R2-Designs Zoom Labs on November 14-15, and December 12-13.
  • Upon completion of the video course(s) and Zoom Lab(s) – you receive a course certificate(s)
  • Access to all course content and Zoom Lab recordings for up to one year from the date of registration
  • Access to the Infinite Mastermind Group for three months FREE!
“In signing up for the courses online, I had hoped that I would gain new tools, maybe a more systematic approach to assessing and correcting movement; and at the very least I knew that it would be enjoyable and that if I didn't gain anything, I wouldn't lose anything. After taking both courses online I definitely feel that I have gained all that and more, and as always feel like there remains so much more to learn! Honestly, Jamie and Scott’s approach as individuals most surprised me - the openness not only to share from personal experiences - failures in addition to success, and the open invitation to be in touch with questions, challenges, experiences, etc. is very heartfelt. Thank you both! Look forward to staying in touch and learning more!”.
Alisa Sheldon
AT Living in Isreal

How You Will Benefit!

  • You’ll have clarity on 100% of the information and access to review any time you want
  • You will feel supported by us throughout your growth as a Reconditioning Specialist
  • You’ll gain a reputation for solving problems
  • You’ll upgrade your current practice and make better decisions around when and how to use your toolbox
  • You’ll build a thriving practice and lifestyle
  • You’ll be able to work more successfully with other experts and within teams
  • And you’ll succeed as a world-class performance practitioner!
“Rarely do you meet helpful and sincere people who truly want the best for you in all aspects of life. Scott and Jamie are the exceptions. They are unique, genuine, thoughtful, and two of the best people I have met in over 25 years in this industry. I cannot recommend the Reconditioning Program enough, but even more than that, I can’t recommend Scott and Jamie enough. You will learn a thought process, a training program, evaluation tools, and benefit from decades of experience from the Reconditioning Program. But more importantly, you will gain two trusted confidants and resources to use as a sounding board with an unparalleled track record of success to assist you in helping clients and athletes. I strongly value their program and relationship and would suggest it for everyone.”
Steve Saunders
Head Strength, and Conditioning Coach, Baltimore Ravens Football Club

If You are a Level 1 Graduate

The “R1-Foundations” course is normally $1000.00 CAD (plus any applicable taxes)


  • 25+ hour online video program
  • Foundations Zoom Lab (choose your date upon registration)
  • PDF Course manual
  • Course certificate of completion

Register before October 24th and Receive

R1 – Foundations for $325.00 CAD

and your first three months FREE access to the:

Reconditioning Infinite Mastery Community

The Infinite Mastery Community is a private Facebook community built exclusively for those pursuing a Reconditioning practice. It’s where you will have access to regular Q+A with Scott and Jaime, as well as special guest presentations, monthly case study workshops, regular content blasts, and much more! This is where we will make sure you really adapt the practice of Reconditioning into your environment.

Membership in this community is $15.00 per month CAD or $160 CAD per year, but you get it FREE for three months if you register before October 24th, 2020

Monthly Group Zoom Q+A – Monthly Mini-Workshop – Guest Expertise – Regular Content Blasts

Hold on!

Are you a Level 1+2 Graduate?

Upgrade to our R1+R2 “Structure” Package

The “Foundations” course is normally $1000.00 CAD (plus any applicable taxes) and so is the “Designs” so a total of $2000 CAD plus tax.

These include:

  • 50+ hour online video program
  • Foundations and Design Zoom Lab’s (choose your dates upon registration)
  • Course manuals
  • Course certificates of completion

Register before October 24th and Receive

R1 – Foundations and R2 Designs for $600.00 CAD

and your first three months FREE access to the:

Reconditioning Infinite Mastery Community

Your Reconditioning Journey Begins Again Today!

We would love to help you become the best human performance practitioner you can be, and we’d love to walk your path with you!

We’ve set things up so you can jump back into Reconditioning in a way that works best for you, we hope you’ll take the next step and reconnect with the Reconditioning Community!