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“In October 2014, I had the opportunity to attend and participate in Jaime and Scotty’s Reconditioning 1. In the sixteen years that I have been working full-time in strength and conditioning and attending conferences and professional development opportunities (all over North America) – this is without a doubt the finest event that I have experienced. Jaime and Scotty, who developed and presented the course, offered a wealth of their knowledge in a professional and effective manner. The small group environment and heavy emphasis on practical at the course drove and fostered a successful learning environment. I found the content of the course very applicable and I have been able to effectively integrate many of the components into my S & C practice. Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend this course to all professionals in which it is targeted.”
John Zahab ~ S+C Specialist

“The Performance Therapy and Reconditioning course is essential for any Sports Performance Professional looking to utilize an integrated training and therapy model.

As the Sport Science and Strength and Conditioning Lead for the Canadian Track and Field Team this course has fundamentally changed how we assess and subsequently prescribe exercises for every single Canadian National Track and Field athlete. Scott and Jaime have done a fantastic job of presenting a balance of hands on and theoretical material through a practical lens. I can attest to the fact that, when followed, this course will improve your ability to develop both robust and resilient athletes. I cannot recommend this course enough.”
Dale Lablans

“I have taken both Reconditioning I and II with Scott and Jaime. Scott and Jaime’s openness and honesty when sharing their vast experience and expertise with a variety of athletes is what sets these courses apart. Their perspective on reconditioning athletes is simple and complex. No matter how much, or how little, experience you have in this field, you will gain an invaluable amount of knowledge from these courses. Scott and Jaime have also attracted attendees of the course with a diverse background, and advocate a round-table approach, which only further adds to the experience. I sincerely recommend these courses, or any course that Scott and Jaime teach, to anyone in the healthcare field.”
Jon Geller ~ AT and S+C Specialist Toronto Maple Leafs

“I have had the good fortune to have been around Scott and Jaime over the last five years. I am an osteopath/Strength and Conditioning Coach and have taken the performance mentorship program, and reconditioning levels 1 and 2, which have contributed heavily to my approach. For dual practitioners who are capable to cross between manual therapy, reconditioning, and Strength and Conditioning worlds, I truly feel that the reconditioning role is a critical one in the future of the human performance field. The courses Scott and Jaime have created world class if I compare to the various thought leaders across the therapy and S&C disciplines. Scott and Jaime eloquently identify and share critical parameters of consideration in building a robust body capable of withstanding almost anything, and the proof lies in what they have accomplished with numerous pros, olympic gold medalists, successful athlete re-build projects and much more. These courses helps one identify foundational skills necessary to build movement competency from the lowest threshold exercises in early reconditioning to the highest threshold exercises vital to elite athletic performance. I strongly recommend this course to serious professionals looking to expand their ability to connect the dots between on the table considerations to the dynamic movement requirement demands of their client.”
Pat Magee


“I would highly recommend Scott and Jaime Livingston’s course Reconditioning 1. This course illuminates the need and process of building a clients’/athletes’ physical robustness, and provides the tools and knowledge necessary to rebuild effective movement patterns, and reach client end range goals.”
David Snively

“Jaime and Scotty’s Reconditioning program is outstanding! I recommend it to every athletic therapist working on field or in clinics, and also to every physiotherapist working with athletes. This course shows a new way to do assessment, which is concrete, dynamic and adapted to active individuals of any level. This kind of assessment helps us find problems that could not be seen with a traditional funnel evaluation. In addition to the assessment method, this course offers effective solutions to correct the detected issues. The strategies and exercises used to correct those issues are really well taught! Everything is perfectly explained and demonstrated, and then we had to experiment on ourselves to fully integrate the concepts. This course has definitively changed the way I am practising. My assessments are more precise and my interventions are more efficient! My therapy is now more active and athletic! This course is really what athletic therapy is all about! Thanks Jaime and Scotty – you build athletes, but also therapists!” Gatienne Desrochers ~ Athletic Therapist

“Jaime and Scotty’s course gives you great insight into their unique approach of analyzing movement within an athletic population. Learning how to break down the way an individual moves, and how to build them back up to high levels of performance is a necessity for anyone’s practice. Highly recommended, a great way to bridge the gap between exercise and manual therapy.“
Patrick Ippersiel ~ Physiotherapist

“After having taken Jaime and Scotty’s Reconditioning course, it was reaffirmed to me that there is a definite “WHY” that certain exercises are prescribed. Using motion capture from videos really gets the point across even more! Whether dealing with the highest level of athleticism or the average weekend warrior, the corrective nature of the exercises applies to both, as they are both moving machines! The course was clear and to the point and the best part was that there was a deep component of hands on and self practice which is what I look for when learning. I Highly recommend this course and the subsequent workshops!”
Peter Levidis ~ Athletic Therapist

“It has been seven years now that I have had the privilege of working for the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association as a strength and conditioning coach as well as a physical therapist. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to practice in two fields that are very connected to each other: strength and conditioning and reconditioning at a high performance level.

Two years ago, one of our top athletes got a surgery to fix a sport hernia, which is an injury that is not very common in our sport. We were lucky enough to get one of the best surgeons in the Quebec province, who is also the chief surgeon of the Montreal Canadiens (Dr. David S. Mulder). This kind of injury was totally new to me and Dr. Mulder told me I should meet with this guy in Montreal, who he considered to be the best reconditioning practitioner he has ever met, M. Scott Livingston.

After talking with Scotty over the phone, he proposed to me to assess our athlete and create a corrective exercises program for him, related to the problems he would find during the assessment. I have to say I was extremely impressed by Scott’s work. His philosophy was like a breath of fresh air to me.

When I heard that Jaime and Scotty had just created a course that would talk about reconditioning, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to learn more about their practice and their philosophy. As a physical therapist, I was used to putting so much attention on the injured area, focusing a lot on what happened and how it happened. However, I always thought that the hardest question to answer was «WHY» an injury happened? Scott’s and Jaime’s course is all about the «WHY». They will guide you through a mental process which will help you to figure out the «WHY» of an injury and then give you the tools necessary (a progression of corrective exercises) to fix the cause(s) of the problem. Scott and Jaime’s philosophy has opened my eyes to put more focus on fundamental movement patterns instead of just focusing on specific movements or areas where the pain is felt.

There are only a few people in my life that I consider to be my mentors and you guys are certainly part of them. I am so grateful for what you brought me on a professional level as well as on a personal level. Thanks again for all your help.”
Jonathan Pelletier-Ouellet ~ Physiotherapist and S+C Specialist

“Jaime and Scotty’s Reconditioning Level 1 Course has had a very positive impact on my evaluation and rehabilitation approach with my clients. I feel refreshed and like I have a new outlook on how to view my client’s different injuries and challenges. There was a great energy during the course and this allowed me to make connections and gain insight from many different health care professionals and coaches from many different backgrounds. The course is very dynamic and I really enjoyed the case studies and video progressions taken from Jaime and Scotty’s high caliber clientele. It allowed me to visualize the impact a well structured, and specific reconditioning program can bring to all athletes. Getting back to basics and understanding the importance of small details in exercise technique and specificity. I highly recommend this course and look forward to Reconditioning 2.”
Heather McCoy ~ Athletic Therapist and S+C Specialist


“I met Scotty following a second back surgery in 2010 while I was playing with the Edmonton Oilers. He was able to literally rebuild me and put me on my two feet in time for training camp. Since then I have continued to train with him. I know that his programs are adapted to my needs and weaknesses. Scotty made me a better athlete over the years and this is why I believe I have remained pretty much injury free through my recent career.”
JF Jacques ~ Former NHL Player




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