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Scott Livingston and Jaime Livingston

With over 50+ years of combined experience, Jaime and Scotty know, and have proven, the power that comes from integrating the strengths of therapy and training.

They have successfully coached and rehabilitated world-class Olympic Medalists, professional and collegiate athletes, amateur sport enthusiasts as well as everyday folk to reach their physical potential through their system called Reconditioning.

Reconditioning integrates the strengths of therapy and training to enhance a performance porfessional’s expertise in applying purposeful, effective action getting results faster, with client buy-in, skillfully navigating issues and establishing professional value as a leader in human performance. Learn More

Listen, reflect and get inspired to leave your own mark as Scotty gathers profound learnings from other successful humans in this podcast.

Achieve genuine personal growth and career fulfillment in human performance by investing in this powerful 12 week online experience.

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